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Procter & Gamble's Camay was first introduced in 1926 as a “white, pure soap for women.” It has been known as a luxurious beauty soap for women who want smooth, silky skin.

The brand has been off the shelves for a while, and the re-launch aims to catch the attention of the new generation of women who are particular with skincare.

The younger women now may experience using the iconic beauty brand that many women have used before. The new lasting scents are sure to make women instantly feel beautiful.

Filipino women are generally conservative and not comfortable in a sexy outfit, but most are open to wearing a playful scent. And, everyone wants good skin. That’s where Camay comes in.

Try the new scents and discover which matches your personality.

Romantique Rose is feminine and floral— something for the super girly.

For the on-the-go and athletic, Dynamique Grapefruit is fresh and citrusy, highlighted by notes of pink grapefruit and white flowers.

Vanilla lovers, meanwhile, would like the Crème Vanilla— soft vanilla combined with white lilies, creamy coconut and orchid.

All Camay soaps and body washes are formulated to smoothen and nourish the skin. Those with oily or combination skin may use the soap, while those with normal or dry skin may use the rich body wash for extra moisture.

One may also layer the scent to make it last longer: Use the soap, rinse, then lather up with the body wash. This is like using a conditioner after shampooing.

Variants may be mixed and matched, since the scents blend in and don’t clash.

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