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Silver Necklace
Loose necklace.
92.5 Sterling Silver w/ Austrian Swarovski heart pendant
Len=15" US$15.95

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Nutriwhite L-Glutathione Reduced Injectable***


Nutriwhite Injectable is the FIRST 700mg/5ml reduced glutathione injectable in the market today.

Manufactured thru new age nanotechnology, Nutriwhite satisfies the standards of excellence in quality and effectivity. There is no need to worry about allergic reactions and sensitivities to the use of IV glutathione as the unique pyrogen-free quality of the product provides a distinct safety characteristics when administered.

Taken thru IV/IM, Nutriwhite is absorbed faster and its benefits fully experienced from the cellular level to the surfaces of the skin.

Composed of 3 amino acids, Glutathione has 4 main functions: Master Antioxidant, Detoxifier, Immune System Enhancer and Regulator of Cell's Functions.

The most important biochemical in our body, Glutathione plays a key role in intermediary metabolism, immune response and health maintenance. It is a small protein composed of three amino acids: cysteine, glutamic acid and glycine.

Increased level of Glutathione (GSH) strenthens the immune system, increase the energy level, protect the vision, enhance the body's ability to fight against aging and help protect the skin from sunburn and wrinkling, making it a key element in achieving the best health possible.

Injectable Glutathione

Although glutathione is more popularly taken orally in capsule form, its administration through intravascular (IV) and intramuscular method (IM) presents additional benefits. Medical studies using IV or IM glutathione have deemed it to be useful for preventing clot formation during operations; reducing the side effects as well as increasing the efficiency of chemotherapy drugs; treating Parkinson's disease, reducing blood pressure in diabetics who have high blood pressure; and in increasing sperm count.

***To be administered by a licensed physician. Syringe and butterfly not included.

Nutriwhite L-Glutathione Reduced Injectable (700mg/5ml)
NOTE: Price includes S&H already. Sent via Express Mail only.


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