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SkinWhite Advanced Powerwhitening
Face Cream Powder

SkinWhite Advanced
A serum that transforms from cream to powder to whiten and fight skin aging. Visible results in as early as 7 days!

The first and only one in the market, this serum uses a unique technology, that magically transforms from a moisturizing cream into a light, matte powder upon application on the skin.

It has Vitanourish Formula to effectively keep the skin hydrated.

Using the combined power of Sun Protection Factor and Hydrolyzed Prunus Domestica, a revolutionary skin-whitening agent that suppresses the appearance of dark pigmentation, skin is kept young and is visibly whiter.

This product uses Synchronized Whitening action through multiple actives to ensure you achieve your beautiful blush white skin.

Comes in White, Rosewhite, Light Beige and Natural Beige variants.

After cleansing, apply an even amount of cream on face. Retouch as needed.
For even better results, use SkinWhite PowerWhitening Facial Cleanser.

10 x 10ml 3-in-1 Powerwhitening Light Beige Face Cream Powder (US$14.99)
10 x 10ml 3-in-1 Powerwhitening Natural Beige Face Cream Powder (US$14.99)
10 x 10ml 3-in-1 Powerwhitening White Face Cream Powder (US$14.99)
10 x 10ml 3-in-1 Powerwhitening RoseWhite Face Cream Powder (US$14.99)

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