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Japan Views The Philippines, 1900-1944
Japan Views The Philippines, 1900-1944
Category Sociology
Publisher Ateneo Press
Author Lydia Yu-Jose
Pages 202 pp.
Dimension 6 x 9, 350g
Copyright 1999 Revised Edition
Price US$ 23.95
 Bookpaper ISBN9715502814

Traces the development of Japan's interest in the Philippines from one of peaceful economic expansion to a violent military take-over and occupation of the country. Includes selected speeches, autobiographies, magazine articles, and the like, exposing reactions of the Japanese to varied and changing politicoeconomic conditions in the Philippines. Discusses the triangular interrelationships between Japan, and the Philippines, Japan and the US, and the US and the Philippines.

Lydia Yu-Jose curently director of the Japanese Studies Program of the Ateneo de Manila has lived and studies in Japan for more than six years. She holds the Ph.D. in International Relations from Sophia University.

( US$ 23.95 Bookpaper )

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