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Kaya Natin! Champions, Vol. 2: Effective And Empowering Leadership With Integrity
Kaya Natin! Champions, Vol. 2: Effective And Empowering Leadership With Integrity
Category Politics
Publisher Ateneo Press
Author Shylynne D. Castillo
 Karla Angelica G. Pastores
Pages pp., 305g
Dimension 6x9in
Copyright 2011
Price US$ 19.95
  Bookpaper ISBN9719249573

In a country where graft and corruption in government has all too often become the norm, the inspiring leaders of the Kaya Natin! Movement featured here in this book show that good governance and leadership with integrity is still possible. The stories here will give you a renewed sense of hope and belief as it shows how these ordinary men and women have gone beyond the call of duty to help improve the lives of so many Filipinos. They show that it is still very much possible to go against the systematic culture of graft and corruption that pervades many of our government institutions and emerge triumphant. By reading these stories, we invite you to be inspired and to join us in dreaming, believing, and working for a better Philippines. Indeed, Kaya Natin!

( US$ 19.95 Bookpaper )

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