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Arkitekturang Filipino: Spaces & Places in History CD-ROM


Arkitekturang Filipino CD-Rom

The architectural knowledge generated from traditional history is limited for Philippine architecture is reduced to a mere catalogue of style and descriptive cache of architectural typologies and taxonomies. With a limited disciplinal engagement and worn-out survey method , the story of Philippine architecture falls prey to the outworn and convenient formalism, disengaging itself from the tensions and contradictions generated from conflicting social forces and power relations. The latter determine the production, dissemination, circulation and reception of the architectural form and designed environment within Philippine society.

Arkitekturang Filipino: Spaces and Places in History is an attempt to present and express an alternative approach to understanding architecture. Contrary to traditional notion of architecture as a resulting object or product, this CD-ROM highlights the concept of architecture as a process, which takes root from its interactions with the society and natural environment.

Through the lens of five critical categories such as 1.) Architecture as Signifier of Places and Settings, 2.) Architecture as Adaptation and Adjustment to Environment, 3.) Architecture as a Process of Creativity, 4.) Architecture as Mode of Signification, 5.) Architecture as Purveyor of Order, Philippine Architecture is emancipated from the repressive grand narratives of diachronic periodization and the parade of master and masterworks to discusively deal with social, cultural and political issues.


    Multi-disciplinary perspective 25 critical and historical essays on architectural issues and discourses by leading Filipino architectural critics, historians, scholars, heritage conservationist, design practitioners and urban planners
    A comprehensive history of Philippine Architecture written by Honrado Fernandez
    Media enhanced audio commentary by architects Danilo Silvestre and Ernie Zarate
    Exhibition panelboards: A complete set of exhibit panels from the touring exhibit of "Arkitekturang Filipino: Spaces and Places in History"
    Interactive features and multimedia images: Over a dozen videoclips 2D animation sequences, 3D animated models of architectural landmarks and digital reconstruction of forgotten Philippine architecture
    Photographic images featuring over a hundred original and are rare archival photographs
    A glossary of Philippine architecture and design collated by the students of UP College of Architecture studio-Laboratory on Architectural History, Theory and Criticism.
    Original Music Scoring architecture-inspired tracks including the "Bahay Kubo Chill-out"

Arkitekturang Filipino CD-ROM (US$39.99)

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