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Tunggal Hulah-duwa Sarah: Adat And Sharee' Ah Laws: In The Life Of The Tausug
Tunggal Hulah-duwa Sarah: Adat And Sharee' Ah Laws: In The Life Of The Tausug
Category Law
Publisher Others
Author Hadji Mashur Bin-Ghalib Jundam
Dimension 460g
Price US$ 20.95
  Bookpaper ISBN9710723987

Tunggal Hulah-Duwa Sarah is the first monograph written and published by a Moro social science guru in the University of the Philippines that attempts to describe two sets of laws governing the family and societal models of conduct of the Tausugs.

Vibal Publishing House, Inc.

( US$ 20.95 Bookpaper )

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