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Conversational Filipino For Foreigners
Conversational Filipino For Foreigners
Category Dictionary
Publisher Others
Author J.B. Santos
Dimension 60g
Price US$ 12.95
  Newsprint ISBN9710866559

Filipino or Tagalog is one of the easiest and, in the daily conversations, sweetest languages in the world.

Once an Iranian student of mine remarked: I don't know much Tagalog, but the interesting thing about it is that no matter how you say it, the Filipinos seem to understand what you wanted to say!

And that is true!

This characteristic in Tagalog or Filipino has made it so easy learn, to speak and understand. And when it comes to spelling, probably no other language, except Spanish and Bahasa (Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei) can rival Tagalog in its easy speliing system!

What you say or hear is exactly what you put in writing (with one or two minor points that could easily be learned).

Every year millions of foreign tourists visit the Philippines. They all come here to visit, study and some even fall in love with a Filipina as well as the Philippines and decide to make our country their second home.

To help them better adjust here, it seems very necessary to provide them with an easy to understand and apply dictionary.

That's why we have tried our best to make this dictionary as practical and as simple as possible.

We hope that this book will help our foreign friends and visitors in learning Filipino the language the easiest and the fastest way!

( US$ 12.95 Newsprint )

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