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  • Q: What is e-Kain about?
    A:e-Kain.com is strictly a food delivery service. Think of us as your household help whom you asked to buy food and have it delivered to a friend or relative. We have to stress that we have ABSOLUTELY NO CONTROL at all over the taste, serving quantity, packaging and availability of the food items listed here; these are all determined by the respective stores. What we commit is to do our very best to find the items you want and have it delivered.

  • Q: Why do I have to register first?
    A:The registration process is for your benefit. It protects you from unauthorized use of your credit card.

  • Q: Are there any exemptions to the registration procedure?
    A: Yes. You are exempted from registering if:
    (1) a previous customer of www.kabayancentral.com, www.e-kain.com or
    (2) using a valid email address from the MILITARY or GOVERNMENT SERVICE or EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION, or
    (3) using a valid CORPORATE email address from an organization with a website.

    We reserve the right to require you to register even if you belong to any of these categories.
    NOTE: Not registering will NOT prevent you from ordering online and doing so does not automatically mean that we will serve your order.

  • Q: I have A Paypal account, why cant I use it?
    A:We are sorry that we have to discontinue our Paypal account due to fraud purchases which Paypal wasnt able to prevent.

  • Q: What about delivery charges?
    A: There are NO delivery charges UNLESS your recipient is located far from the city proper. But we will inform you first about it. There are also NO tax due on the orders and NO other hidden costs. The rule is: Absolutely NO increases in your order amount is made unless you agree to it.

  • Q: Is there a minimum order amount?
    A: Yes, your total order PER DELIVERY ADDRESS should NOT be less than $30.00.

  • Q: When do I get charged for my order?
    A: We charge your card only AFTER the delivery is made and NOT when you place it online. This means that you can place an order weeks ahead and the actual charge will still be made after the delivery.

  • Q: Why is it that after placing my order the amount already showed up in my online bank statement?
    A: Your credit card company only allocates the order amount in preparation for our charging you after we make the delivery. This transaction is called a "pending transaction." This is also to make sure that when we charge you, you wont go over your credit limit and be declined.

  • Q: I am already a registered member, why do I have to fill up my credit info everytime I make a purchase?
    A: This is for your protection. We do not keep your credit info on file so the chances of it being hacked is practically nil. Also, this way, you have the option to use different credit cards.

  • Q: Why do I have to order 3 days in advance?
    A: This is to allow us to prepare a delivery schedule. The 3-day advance order is specially needed for weekend and Monday deliveries.

  • Q: I need to make a delivery in less than 3 days, is this possible?
    A: Yes but only if the webmaster accepts your order.

  • Q: How can I be sure that the food is delivered fresh?
    A: We only buy your food order on the day of delivery and we deliver it straight from the store.

  • Q: What happens when the item I ordered is out of stock on the delivery date?
    A: We reserve the right to send a replacement item of equal quality or even a MORE expensive item than what you ordered. We will only charge you the original online order cost though.

  • Q: What time can you do the deliveries?
    A: Most stores open at 10:00am. This means we can do deliveries only after 10:00. But if your order consists of items from different stores, delivery time will be longer since we have to pick up the food separately with waiting time spent while the food is being prepared. Our delivery ends 6:00pm.

  • Q: Is your delivery service available EVERY day?
    A: Except for Christmas (Dec 25) and New Year's day (Jan 1) ---C'mon, guys we celebrate these too!--- we are open for service. December 24 and 31, we can deliver up to 6:00pm only.

  • Q: Can I still cancel my order?
    A: Yes but only if we haven't placed your order to the respective store yet. There is also a 5% surcharge for cancelled orders.

  • What is your refund policy?
    A: Refunds are made only in cases where the non-delivery fault is on our part. There is no refund when the non-delivery is due to erroneous or incomplete delivery address information or the refusal of the recipient to accept the order or there's nobody to receive the items.

  • Do you contact the recipient before making the delivery?
    A: Most of the time we do to make sure that somebody will be home to receive the items. But if you want your gift to be a complete surprise, please email the webmaster that you do NOT wish your recipient to be contacted.

  • Q: Can I order items not listed in the site?
    A: Yes. Just email the webmaster so he can tell you the availability and cost of the item you want.

  • Q: Why didn't I get an email confirming my order?
    A: All orders will be personally acknowledged by the webmaster via a confirmation email containing your order details. If you don't receive one within 2 working days, your order most probably didn't go thru and you need to make another one. We do not utilize an autoresponder for orders; we want to make sure a human has seen it.

  • Can I join www.e-Kain.com as an affiliate?
    A: Yes, if you are based in a Philippine city not yet listed in our site as an affiliate. Please email the webmaster for details.

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