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Free Registration

You must register first as an e-Kain Member before you can place orders for delivery. (See exemptions below.)

Registration is very easy, a one time process only and best of all, FREE!!!!
Just fax us:

  1. The part of your credit card billing statement showing the billing address, and
  2. Front side of your card (please COVER the last half of the credit card number)

If you are using a debit card, then No.2 above is enough.
For US/Canada based customers, please fax to +1 413 228-1094

Or you can email a digital copy (scanned or digital picture) to kabayan@kabayancentral.com.

Dont, forget to include your email addy in the faxed docs so we can send you an email conifrmation.

  • You are exempted from registering if:
    (1) a previous customer of www.kabayancentral.com, or
    (2) using a valid email address from the MILITARY or GOVERNMENT SERVICE, or
    (3) using a valid CORPORATE email address from an organization with a website. We reserve the right to require you to register even if you belong to the fourth category.
  • We are committed to protecting your privacy. We will strictly use your data only for E-Kain.com or KabayanCentral.com.
  • And PLEASE read our short FAQ page for more practical information.

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