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Philippine Civet Coffee

Civet Coffee (Kopi Luwak): World's Rarest
Gourmet Coffee Beverage!

From the Philippines' mountainous province of Kalinga in the Cordillera region, Mt. Magallaya harbours the untouched forest where the hunters of old lord it over.

Mt. Magallaya is home to the wild boars, deers and civet cats (called Musang or Alamid in the Philippines).

It has been the kept secret of many generations on how these hunters of old would make the best tasting coffee from the forests.

They would pick the droppings of wild civet cats that carpet the forest floor and after washing, would turn it to the best tasting aroma coffee that it is.

Later on, studies would show that the civet cats pick the ripest coffee beans to eat. Gastric enzymes found in the civet cats further stimulate the coffee bean to produce its distinct taste and aroma.

Experience the gift of nature!

Taste the truly organic, naturally grown, free from pesticides and synthetic fertilizer "Civet Coffee" from wild, free-roaming civet cats.

Civet Coffee, Kopi Luwak


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