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Malaybalay Blend Gourmet Coffee

It is the Philippine's last frontier. Mindanao -- one of the country's biggest islands- contains the last tracts of virgin land, unconquered peaks and lush forests. And in the heart of it is Malaybalay. Malaybalay is an excellent place to grow coffee. Much of it is on a plateau 2,000 feet above sea level. The cold climate, high altitude and unique volcanic soil nurture a coffee crop that is naturally grown. Roasted to perfection, it has no preservatives or additives. We call it Malaybalay Blend. Savor this brew grown lovingly by the Malaybalay's indigenous people.

Malaybalay Blend is grown carefully by Lumads, which literally means a "people of the Earth." Many of them are forest dwellers and they consider their relationship to the trees and the land as sacred and symbiotic. For centuries, they have preserved forest resources. Highly spiritual, they are mindful of all their acts including coaxing the lands to bear fruit. This "every act is sacred" mindset has yielded a coffee blend that is fresh and as pure as the hands and the land that produce it.

Malaybalay Blend Coffee 200g (US$ 19.99)

Gourmet Coffe

  • Kape Alamid
    World's rarest and most expensive gourmet coffee.
  • Kapeng Baraco
    Baraco is synonymous with Batangas, the province girding Taal Lake, once known as the world's coffee capital. Baraco's mouth feel is as "memorable as its strong body and arome."
  • Kalinga Gold Coffee
    A blend of the Arabica bean introduced by Spanish Conquistadores between 1873 and 1881 to the tribes of the Cordillera Mountains in Northern Philippines. It is known for its heady aroma and intense flavor, the Robusta bean for additional richness, and the Excelsa bean for a twist of complex flavor.
  • Tagaytay Baraco
    A special blend of extra large Excelsa coffee beans, Robusta and Arabica grown some 2,000 feet above sea level on volcanic soils
  • Malaybalay Blend
    Roasted to perfection, it has no preservatives or additives. Coffee grown from unique volcanic soil in Malaybalay in Mindanao.
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