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Cultured Freshwater Pearl Bracelet

Bracelet - Cultured Freshwater Pearl Bracelet. With snap-on lock. For every purchase of any KC Gems item, get one of these elegant pearl bracelets. Picture shows six variants. This item is available only with purchase of a KC Gems product, or with $50 of personal care products..

Cultured Freshwater Pearl Bracelet. With snap-on lock.

This item is NOT for sale.
This item is available FREE only with purchase of any non-sale KC Gems product, or with $50 of personal care products. No shipping charge for this item!

Picture shows six variants. Purchase six non-sale KC Gems items, and get all six variants!

Offer good while supplies last!


FREE Pearl Bracelets? Are you kidding?

Contrary to popular belief, most cultured pearls are not very expensive. Jewelry-grade AAA+ Mikimoto cultured pearls or South sea pearls might be frightfully expensive, but accessory-grade cultured freshwater pearls for everyday use are quite affordable, slightly more expensive than common beads, but often less expensive than Austrian Swarovski crystal beads, or Murano glass.

KC Gems fashion bead accessories are wearable decorative items designed to complement your garments and to make you look and feel beautiful. From silver necklaces, to chaplets and rosaries to Murano/Swarovski bracelets, to dangling earring, get KC Gems items to make you feel good!

FREE shipping for the FREE pearl bracelet, but regular shipping rates apply to the product you purchased.

Pictures of fashion accessories are like pictures of fireworks.
Pictures simply cannot capture
   the glitter, luster and brilliance of crystals...
     the passion and fire of colors...
       the symmetry of cuts.

These bracelets look good in the picture, but we guarantee the actual bracelets look absolutely stunning!

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