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Pearls are organic gems grown within oysters and a few other mollusks. Pearls are formed when a foreign object (like a tiny stone) has made its way into the mollusk's shell. The mollusk secretes nacre, a lustrous substance that coats the intruding object. As thousands of layers of nacre coat the intruder, a pearl is formed; this process takes up to seven or eight years (an oyster's useful life span). Swarovski Pearls The most valuable pearls are perfectly symmetrical, large, naturally produced, and have a shimmering iridescence (called orient luster). There are many types of pearls, including
  • natural pearls (made with no human interference),
  • cultured pearls (pearls made by inserting a bit of a mother-of-pearl) into [nucleating] a living oyster or by inserting a bit of foreign tissue),
  • baroque pearls (irregularly-shaped pearls),
  • freshwater pearls,
  • seed pearls (tiny pearls),
  • Biwa pearls (a type of freshwater pearl from Lake Biwa, Japan from the freshwater mussel, Hyriopsis schlegeli),
  • blister pearls (grown attached to the shell),
  • black pearls (gray to black pearls),
  • Mabe pearls (cultivated blister pearls), etc.

Pearls can be gently cleaned with mild soap and water. The biggest natural pearl, known as the "Pearl of Allah" or "Pearl of Lao-tse," weighs 14 pounds (6.4 kg).

Swarovski Pearls are from the Swarovski company, the same company that produces Swarovski Austrian crystals. Swarovski pearls are flawless crystal-based synthetic pearls with a satiny luster and sizes that are uniform.

KC Gems

Your KC Gems are Philippine-made fashion accessories and jewelry creations using only the finest Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, Murano glass, Japanese beads, and semi-precious stones.

The Complete Bead Jewelry Collection

  • Necklaces
    Free-size chokers, loose necklaces, extremely long wrap-around lariats and wearable rosaries.
  • Bracelets
    Bracelets and bangles, single, double and multiple loops.
    Featuring wearable rosary bracelets and chaplet bracelets!
  • Anklets
    Anklets to prettify your dainty feet.
  • Earrings
    Dangling and stud earrings. From elegant amethyst to dazzling Swarovski with the Aurora Borealis effect.
  • Rosaries
    Fashion wearable rosaries in necklace and bracelet form, made of the finest Swarovski, murano, and pearl beads.
  • Sets
    Matching fashion accessories carefully chosen to be worn together.
KC Gems 101
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