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Austrian Swarovski Crystal Beads

Swarovski Crystal Cross Crystals to create new worldsworlds of glitter, worlds of amazement, worlds of magic and worlds of enjoyment

Pioneers are always way ahead of their time. In their minds they conceive the inconceivable. In their fantasies they create the impossible. When he invented a revolutionary cutting machine in 1892, Daniel Swarovski opened the door to a world of fantasy. His machine made it possible to industrially cut crystal jewelry stones to an unsurpassable level of perfection and precision Silver Necklace with Swarovski heart pendant

The magic world was crystal. A raw material, which even the most ancient cultures ascribed beneficial, valuable, indeed miraculous properties. This fascinating material transformed the world of fashion and beauty into a seductively sparkling universe. It inspired the human race and enriched both art and culture. People around the world have heard of Swarovksi crystals. From fashionistas to IT specialists, from models to teachers and architects-- all kinds of people have purchased their own Swarovksi. Swarovksi's designs make a strong statement, whatever clothes or other accessories they are combined with. Whether wearers are walking down a street or sitting at home, heading to work or out to the clubs, they will feel like a million dollars in their crystals. The vast array of colours and designs means that there is something that appeals to everyone.

For more than a hundred years, Swarovski, the Austrian family company based in Wattens, Tyrol, has been the world's leading manufacturer of cut crystal.

Crystal jewelry stones and crystal semi-finished goods for the fashion, jewelry and lighting industries are as much a part of the company’s product range as gift articles and collectibles fashioned from faceted crystal Swarovski Pearls

Swarovski represents the height of unmatched quality, unique variety, crystalline brilliance, latest trend information and cutting edge innovations. Discerning consumers value Swarovski products with their exceptional crystal purity, cutting precision and quality beyond compare. With its unsurpassed variety and brilliance the broad crystalline spectrum gives customers free creative rein. Crystal enthusiasts throughout the world succumb to the magic of fascinating crystal creations using Swarovski components. Swarovski crystals come in many shapes and colors

Rhinestone rondelle beads are metal "tires" with embedded Austrian crystal rhinestones around the outside of the tire. Rhinestone Beads are round beads embedded all over with rhinestones..

Spacer beads are saucer-shaped (flatter diamonds), similar in effect to rondelles, which are faceted, glass crystal beads. These beads are used between larger beads to visually set them off. The crystal range is extended with a variety of new crystal colors effects. The revolutionary shimmering effect of “Aurora Borealis“ was developed in cooperation with Christian Dior to bring to life the amazing colors of the rainbow “Crystal" means clear. "Jet" is black.. An "AB" or Aurora Borealis finish gives a multi-color shine to the bead. An "effect" is one of several different finishes which give various color effects to the bead. The Hot-Fix technology developed by Swarovski makes it possible to apply crystal jewelry stones onto a variety of carrier materials such as cultured pearls.

KC Gems

Your KC Gems are Philippine-made fashion accessories and jewelry creations using only the finest Swarovski crystals, Swarovski pearls, Murano glass, Japanese beads, and semi-precious stones.

The Complete Bead Jewelry Collection

  • Necklaces
    Free-size chokers, loose necklaces, extremely long wrap-around lariats and wearable rosaries.
  • Bracelets
    Bracelets and bangles, single, double and multiple loops.
    Featuring wearable rosary bracelets and chaplet bracelets!
  • Anklets
    Anklets to prettify your dainty feet.
  • Earrings
    Dangling and stud earrings. From elegant amethyst to dazzling Swarovski with the Aurora Borealis effect.
  • Rosaries
    Fashion wearable rosaries in necklace and bracelet form, made of the finest Swarovski, murano, and pearl beads.
  • Sets
    Matching fashion accessories carefully chosen to be worn together.
KC Gems 101
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