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J Brothers

JB Band


JC Regino

JM De Guzman

Jack Pilpil & Peace Pipe


Jacque Esteves

Jacqui Magno



Jaime Barcelon

Jaime Rivera

Jake Vargas

Jam Disciples

James Basco

James Nishida

James Reid

James Wright

Jamie Rivera

Jan Marini

Jan Nieto

Janella Salvador


Janet Basco

Janna Ariva

Janno Gibbs

Janra & Zzubu


Jasmine Fitzgerald

Jasmine Trias

Jason Fernandez

Jason Hernandez

Jay Ann

Jay Anne

Jay Durias

Jay Perillo

Jay-Ar Bataan


Jay-R Siaboc


Jayke Reyes

Jean & Joey

Jeane Roxas

Jeanne Young

Jeck Pilpil

Jed Madela

Jeepney Joyride

Jeff James

Jeffrey Hidalgo

Jeffrey Yumol


Jenine Desiderio


Jennifer Bautista

Jennifer Ventura

Jennilyn Mercado

Jennylyn Mercado

Jensen Gomez


Jericho Rosales

Jerome Abalos

Jerome Nunez

Jerome Rico

Jerome Sala


Jessa Lopez

Jessa Zaragoza

Jet Pampolina

Jez Salcedo


Jhego a.k.a. Felix Bakat

Jim Brickman

Jim Paredes

Jimboy Salazar

Jimmy Bondoc

Jimmy Marquez


Jo Anne Lorenzana

Jo Canoni

Joanna Ampil

Joanne Lorenzana


Joel Mendoza

Joey Albert

Joey Ayala

Joey Ayala at ang Bagong Lumad

Joey G

Joey de Leon

John Carlo Stefano

John Lesaca

John Prats

John Rendez

Johnny Alegre

Johnny Cross

Johnoy Danao

Join The Club

Join The Quest

Jojo Abellana

Jojo Valerio

Jolina M

Jolina Magdangal

Jolina Magndangal

Jon Andrei

Jonalyn Viray

Jonathan Badon

Joni Villanueva

Jopper Ril A


Jose & Wally

Jose Llana

Jose Mari Chan

Jose Mari's Electromaniacs

Joselito Pascual

Josh Santana


Jovit Baldivino

Joy Isabel

Juan Pablo

Juan Pablo Dream

Juan Republic

Juan Silos Jr

Juan Silos Jr.

Juan Silos Jr. & Band

Juan dela Cruz Band



Judy Ann Santos

Julia Clarete

Julia Duncan



Julie Anne San Jose

Julio Iglesias

Jun Llantero

Jun Polistico

Junior Kilat


Juris & Chin

Just In Case

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