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Your Universe

Your Universe, Rico Blanco’s solo album, is a welcome treat for music fans waiting to hear the latest surge of genius from one of OPM’s most talented musicians. Responsible for chart-topping hits over the last decade and a half, Blanco remains a driving force in the local music scene, steering audiences to revisit the familiar while opening their sensibilities to possibilities beyond.

From the opening track Say Forever to the swan song Metropolis, Your Universe is a journey of 10 tracks deep into Blanco’s passions, exposing his witty yet brutally sincere lyricism and musical appetite that are uniquely his own.

Featuring collaborations with some of the best musicians in the industry, Your Universe is a diverse sound trip that will keep listeners at the edge of their seats, wondering what musical twists and turns lie ahead. Despite fusing genres, arrangements and musical elements with bold defiance and fearless experimentation, the collection is cohesive and each track weaves effortlessly into the next to form a balanced, well-crafted album.

The album’s first single Yugto is the battle cry of the entire disc, announcing Blanco’s comeback in true Pinoy rock glory: A stadium-sized production with elements written and produced by Blanco himself, and performed with Louie Talan (Razorback), drummer Otep Concepcion and Wowie Ansano and Fards Tupas of Radioactive Sago Project’s horn section. Yugto explodes with ethno-rock intensity that echoes Blanco’s own cathartic journey.

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