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Pinoy Sound Trip

The record industry is in the doldrums at this time but we can still rest assured that the past four decades have produced a wealth of musical gems that continue to resonate to this day. And we Filipinos are suckers for oldies. Nothing thrills us more than indulging our memories with songs. Of course, the usual preference for most of us are sad, sentimental ballads. That is why the Senti compilation released last month is such a big hit.

But we also like to have fun and there are plenty of favorites from the past that cater to this mood. This is the concept behind Pinoy Sound Trip which is made up of masters from the Vicor, Telesis and Viva archives that have all been digitally remastered and are now together in one CD. Upbeat and leaning towards the novelty side, the songs included in the CD will not tug at your hearts. But you can bet that they will elicit lots of smiles and generate foot-tapping. They will also show that there have been times when those popular sentimental balladeers showed off their sense of humor.

The would-be Megastar Sharon Cuneta did once get in a dance mood with I-Swing Mo Ako. The now sedate Donna Cruz once flapped her chubby arms to Kapag Tumibok ang Puso. Vic Sotto did record solo years ago and one of his hits was May I Have This Dance. Hotdog girl singer Ella del Rosario, she sang Pers Lab, turned solo for the first time with O Lumapit Ka. Remember Saranggola ni Pepe by Celeste Legaspi? That song may seem funny at the onset but the message goes deeper then the words that you hear.

Pinoy Sound Trip Volume 1 also includes Mambobola by Zsa Zsa Padilla; Mahirap Magmahal ng Syota ng Iba by the Apo Hiking Society; Ang Boyfriend Kong Baduy by Cinderella; Manila by Hotdog; Urong-Sulong by Regine Velasquez; Aso’t Pusa by Pat Castillo; Babaero by Randy Santiago; Ligaw-Tingin by Leah Navarro; Ayoko Na Sa ‘Yo by Pol Enriquez; Legs by Hagibis; Kumusta Ka by Rey Valera; Tuloy Pa Rin Ako by Labuyo; and Macho Guwapito by Rico Puno.

Now rarities seem to be the order of the day for the Pinoy Soundtrip Volume 2 CD. Taken from the same sources and also digitally processed for brilliant sound, this one sets a mellower mood than the first volume. The really great thing about it though, is that it has recordings by the original artists that are not readily available in the stores these days. For example, there might be some of you out there who still have the original album, but Soundtrip 2 presents Binibini by the Rainmakers in a collection of great Filipino pop tunes.

And there are more, most of them hit singles from albums and I mean albums as in the long-play, 12-inch vinyl kind, which are not available in the stores anymore. Think Pangako the sensational seller by the Flippers; or Kung Sakali by Pabs Dadivas; Oh Babe by Sing Sing; Kung Alam Mo Lang by Joanne Lorenzana; Boy by Timmy Cruz; Paniwalaan by Blue Jeans; and there is also Yakap by A.M.B. Junior, that heartthrob from Spain who took the country by storm in the late ’70s and even starred in a movie with Vilma Santos.

The other cuts in Pinoy Sound Trip Volume 2 are: Kahit Konting Pagtingin by Ric Segreto; Bato Sa Buhangin by Cinderella; Pag-ibig by Apo Hiking Society; Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal by VST&Company; Mr. DJ by Sharon Cuneta; May Minamahal by Hajji Alejandro; Pag-big Ko’y Ibang-iba by Yolly Samson; Ikaw Pa Rin by Tito Mina; Para Sa ‘Yo by Randy Santiago; and Naalala Ka by Rey Valera.

29 October 2008, Philippine Star

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