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Vanna Vanna

IT surely feels great to be chosen among numerous hopefuls to record an inter-national album. But it definite-ly feels a winner to receive a Platinum Record award because of the album's huge success in addition to the positive acceptance of a lot of people in Japan, Thailand, Germany, and other Asian markets where VANNA VANNA's inter-national album was released.

When international producer Christian de Walden came to the Philippines in 1995 to scout recording talents, he found himself right away watching these three giggly girls girating like TLC and singing a.k.a Wilson Philips in one of their jampacked live performances. Impressed, he recorded a demo with them.

Having been in the international music circles for sometime now [De Walden got an Oscar nomination for "Over You", theme song of the movie "Tender Mercies"] and for someone who has produced hits for the likes of Anne Murray, Bad English, Engelbert Humperdinck, and Cheap Trick -- De Walden surely has a quick eye for talent. Vanna Vanna's BENJ, ALANA and TERI didn't fail him with their first release. He was more than satisfied with the album which he produced and arranged with partner Max Di Carlo for Zig Zsa Productions and Viva Records. It comprises of danceable cuts like "He Loves Me", "Come Find Your Heart", and heartwarming ballads like "Tender", "Let Me Love You Forever" and "Come With Me".

Vanna Vanna has gone a long, long way now since they started as a trio performing at music halls and clubs. They have performed at Midem Asia in 1997, and competed in the 1997 Metropop Song Festival. They have also performed in other Asian countries and in the US.


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