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Amaya Vol.01 Amaya Vol.01
Category History-Drama
Label GMA

Tagalog Movie

The epic begins with the story of Mangubat, from his birth to his rise to power.

He became a Rajah by remaining undefeated as he continues to expand his territory by raiding more tribes mercilessly.

In one tribe that he raids, its high priestess predicts Rajah Mangubat's downfall, saying he will be killed by a woman born with a twin snake.

Soon thereafter, the Rajah and his men kill all the pregnant women within his realm and other islands they get to, in the hope of killing the mother of the still unborn baby who is predicted to kill him.

Meanwhile, in the tribe of one of Rajah Mangubat's allies, Datu Bugna finds out that both his wife and his slaves mistress are pregnant.

He hopes that his wife's second child will now be a son who can become his heir.

Unfortunately, Dian Lamitan gives birth to another baby girl which dissapoints the Datu.

On the same night, Dal'Lang also gives birth to a baby girl.

But upon hearing that the baby, named Amaya, is born with a twin snake, Datu Bugna suddenly gets excited as it only means Amaya is blessed by their ancestors' spirits and will play an important role in her destiny.

Shortly after that, Rajah Mangubat arrives in Datu Bugna's tribe, asking if there had been any babies born that day with a twin snake.

Datu Bugna admits his wife and his mistress have both given birth but is able to avoid telling the entire truth.

Datu Bugna then decides to seperate the snake from Amaya to protect her from whatever the Rajah intends to do with her.

Datu Bugna then raises Amaya as a binukot, a princess who is kept inside a room, hidden from the public, until she gets married.

One night, Amaya finds a way to sneak out of her room.

While at sea, she has a chance encounter with Bagani who immediately falls in love with her.

But before he can even get to know who she is, Amaya is forced to go back to her place.

Amaya also gets smitten by the handsome young man she just met.

Unknown to her, she had already met him before when they were many years younger.

Growing up as Datu Bugna's most favorite daughter, Amaya earns the ire of Dian Lamitan and Marikit, Amaya's older half-sister.

Dian Lamitan hates her as she is the daughter of Dal'Lang, the only woman Datu Bugna ever loved.

Marikit, on the other hand, is envious of all the attention her father gives to Amaya.

Both make life very difficult for Amaya.

One day, Dian Lamitan is so furious she attacks Amaya and hurts her physically which is witness by Datu Bugna.

The Datu is enraged that he hits his wife.

Because of this, Dian Lamitan swears to get back at him.

What does Dian Lamitan plan to do?

What will happen to Datu Bugna once Dian Lamitan exacts her revenge?

How will this affect Amaya and her future?

Who is Bagani and how will he figure into Amaya's life?

( US$ 14.99 DVD with English Subtitle )

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