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Encantadia Vol.01 (Episodes 1-13) Encantadia Vol.01 (Episodes 1-13)
Category Fantasy
Label GMA


Enter and journey through the enchanting realm of Encantadia - a magical world divided into four kingdoms: Adamya, home of the Adamyans; Sapiro, land of the Sapiryans: Lireo, realm of the Diwatas, and Hathoria, domain of the Hathors.

The peace and balance of Encantadia rest on the power of four precious stones- the gemstones of water, earth, wind and fire.

Directed by Mark Reyes and Gil Tejada Jr., Encantadia brings viewers to a completely different world of fairies, brave warriors lovable mythical creatures, and ferocious fiends.

This most expensive production ever undertaken by a local TV network showcases Filipino creativity, artistry, craftmanship, and ingenuity at its best, from its glowing and fantastic sets elaborately designed gowns and warrior costumes worn by the show's lead stars.

The best creative minds and talents in the TV industry today were pooled together to form the teleseryes brilliant production team.

They painstakingly created the elaborate world of Encantadia- from the grand throne room and place of worship in Lireo to the dark and dismal domain of Hathoria.

Noteworthy is the construction of a studio in a 2,000 square meter warehouse in Pasig--- believed to be the first of its kind in Philippine television.

The costumes, makeup and props are likewise colorful and intricately designed.

Also, it is the first production to make use of animatronic puppets and other visual wizardry never before seen on local TV.

More than the dazzling visuals, Encantadia's story has captivated viewers from day one.

In the beginning, the inhabitants of Encantadia were living in peace until the Hathors decided to get hold of all the gemstones in order to conquer the whole of Encantadia.

The other kingdoms then decide to entrust the four stones to Ynang Reyna until the time comes for her to turn over the gems to one of her four Diwata daughters. Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya.

Ultimately, the certainty of wars end and the return of peace in Encantadia rely on power greater than magic, the power of love.

( US$ 17.99 DVD )

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