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My Husband's Lover

My Husband's Lover Teleserye

Category Drama
Label GMA

My Husband's Lover is a Filipino drama television series created and developed by Suzette Doctolero and produced by GMA Network. It premiered on June 10, 2013 on the network's coveted Primetime block.

The series stars Carla Abellana, Tom Rodriguez and Dennis Trillo as the main characters.

It is credited as the very first gay-themed series in Philippine television due to the series' central subject of homosexual relationships and infidelity. The show has multiple continuing story lines that tackle sensitive yet relevant social issues like homosexual and bisexual relationships, homophobia and the society's discrimination against homosexuals, infidelity, pre-marital sex and the consequences of early or unplanned marriages.

It also tackles the importance of family, friendship, integrity and love. The forty-five minute scripted drama chronicles the life of a woman, who belatedly discovers that her husband has been carrying on an affair, but not with another woman.

Excerpt from James R. Tekiko's review in

My Husband’s Lover is a breath of fresh air in the often stale and boorish telenovelas of the last two decades. Never has Philippine television engaged viewers in a unique love triangle —a married man caught between his loving wife and his openly gay lover. Although we may be modern users of the Internet and cell phones —by the way, devices integral to MHL— our level of tolerance for stories on the boob tube is always limited to heterosexual relationships and issues. Gays may be part of a TV drama series but they are never the lead characters. They are always the comic relief or the best friend in a supporting role.

In My Husband’s Lover, the gay characters and the wife are the protagonists. Carla Abellana essays her biggest role ever on TV as the clueless wife, Lally Agatep-Soriano. Tom Rodriguez plays Vincent Soriano, Lally’s husband who is a closet gay still pining for his high school lover Eric Del Mundo (Dennis Trillo).

Director Dominic Zapata dares to take on issues that conservatives would rather sweep under the rug such as homosexuality, infidelity and extended family dynamics. Suzette Doctolero’s story/script faces the issues head-on without resorting to histrionics and uber melodramatic monologues.

The story unfolds initially from Lally’s point of view. But the conflict revolves around Vincent’s denial of his true gender identity and its repercussions once he gives in to his secret desires.

Kudos to team MHL and GMA-7 for coming up with a series that encourages viewers to question their belief system and core values. To say that I love this show is an understatement. It is one of the best TV shows in 2013.

--NOTE: Does NOT have Subtitle Features---

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