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Minsan Ko Lang Sasabihin Minsan Ko Lang Sasabihin
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Tagalog Movie

Alex Sembrano is an NBI Agent who was assigned to destroy a big syndicate while Anna Liwanag is a haciendera who is trying to escape somebody who wants her dead.

Anna went to Manila to escape her would-be killers and in an operation led by Alex they met.

Alex saves her when she became the hostage of a hitman named Joker, who wants Alex dead to revenge for his father's death.

Disguised as poor probinsyana, Anna was able to find Cherry, her former maid who is currently working in a carenderia. Cherry talk to her boss to let Anna stay and in exchanged for this, Anna will work also at the carenderia.

But her malicious boss dumped her out, thinking she was flirting with her husband.

Nowhere to go in the middle of the night. Bong offered her a job of being her brat kid's yaya. She reluctanty accepts the job.

During the first few days of the job, the kids do everything to terrorize Anna, but her combination of toughness and love, win the kids over.

Alex and Anna became close to each other but when Anna finds out that Alex have a girlfriend she went home to the province with a broken heart and decided to get married with her long time friend.

There, Alex finds out that Anna is a rich girl and she is also the target of Joker, who was hired by her Uncle who wants her dead for her wealth.

In the end, Bong defeated Joker and the syndicate. And the kids find a new mother in Anna.

Directed by Danilo Cabreira

( US$ 12.99 VCD )

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