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Maging Sino Ka Man Vol.01 Maging Sino Ka Man Vol.01
Category Drama
Label Star Cinema

Tagalog Movie

In spite of having the world at the palm of her hand , socialite Jackie Madrigal (Bea Alonzo), is still yearning for something more real than her fairytale life.

That is until she crosses paths with Eli Davide (John Lloyd)- a modern-day pauper who is forced by dire circumstances to take Jackie away and give her more than what she has bargained for; a rustic setting to Jackie's now obliterated memory due to the amnesia she suffered after being the target of the kidnapping gone awry.

With Jackie's memory empty as a blank canvas, Eli paints for her the fictitious character of Princess, and for them a fictitious life of being husband and wife.

Meanwhile Jackie's sudden disappearance leaves her boyfriend, JB Berenguer (Sam Milby), with yet another crisis to struggle with aside from his mother's (Chin-Chin Gutierrez), insufferable control over his life, which in turn paves the way for him to get close to the last person on earth that his formidable mother would want him to get associated with: Jackie's flamboyant cousin, Celine Magsaysay (Anne Curtis), who has been harboring secret feelings for him all this time.

( US$ 14.99 DVD with English Subtitle )

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