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Walang Hanggan Teleserye Vols.10-18 Walang Hanggan Teleserye Vols.10-18
Category Drama
Label Star Cinema

Tagalog Movie

Though happy for her beloved Daniel, who is now reunited with his real parents Marco and Emily, Katerina continues to suffer in her unhappy marriage with Nathan. Nathan resents Daniel's presence in their daily lives. Moreover, what enrages Nathan more than his competition with Daniel for their father Marco's affection is the idea that Daniel and Katerina are stil in love with each other.

Even if the former lovers are decent enough to respect the sanctity of their marriage, Nathan cannot come to terms with tha fact that his wife's heart belongs to Daniel. To make matters worse for Katerina, her husband is not only insanely jealous of Daniel; Nathan is actually diagnosed with a mental disorder.

Her efforts to get away fail, and when Nathan senses that he is losing Katerina, he commits what he thinks is the ultimate act of possession--- he rapes her.

Hoping to restrain her grandson in his mad pursuit of Katerina, Margaret finally reveals that their marriage is null and void. But this makes Nathan lose what is left of his good sense and he becomes more violent.

Inspite of all the burdens he carries, Daniel searches for Katerina, who goes to a faraway place to escape from Nathan. They know that their troubles are far from over, but Daniel and Katerina are also certain that their love for each other is their only refuge.

Meanwhile, Marco and family cannot bring themselves to celebrate their love because everything else in their lives is in shambles.

As the Montenegros and the Guidottis deal with the undying tension in their homes and businesses, their real enemy continues to lurk around--- Miguel Ramos, Emily's right-hand man--- has been secretly obsessed with Emily for years and is resorting to drastic measures to keep Marco and Emily from living a peaceful life together.

To ensure his victory, Miguel targets the tie that binds Marco and Emily: their son Daniel.

Fortunately for Miguel, he gains an ally in his quest to destroy Daniel: Tomas, Katerina's brother, who loathed Daniel all his life.

Miguel and Tomas Succeed in wrecking the lives of Marco, Daniel, and their families, but even with their power and capacity to do evil, they could not stop true love--- Marco marries Emily, and Daniel marries his princess, Katerina.

However, the lapses in their plans compel Miguel and Tomas to turn against each other, and this disrupts Daniel's new found joy, for Miguel can only think of one person he can use against Tomas: his sister, Katerina.

The outcome of Miguel's final bid to win will yet determine if Daniel and Katerina's lifelong dream to be together has finally come true...

Or if a love as great as theirs is not meant to exist on earth, but only in heaven where they can love each other for eternity.


( US$ 89.99 DVD )

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