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Category Drama
Label Star Cinema

In the eyes of little Ysabella (Celine Lim), life is never short of hope despite poverty and her father's death- realities too difficult for a child like her to bear. It is her mom Rosario's (Rosanna Roces) relentless faith in love and legacy of good cooking that saves her and ignites her strength during times of anguish ultimately brought about by the formidable Doña Victoria (Maricel Laxa)- the woman who causes Rosario's death and builds a culinary empire that through the years has prided itself on recipe stolen from the pages of Rosario's family heirloom cookbook.

Ysabella (Judy Ann Santos) grows up as a young woman with inherited proficiency in cooking. Her skills, however are confined in a sidewalk eatery, but her extraordinary gift burns in her passion to fulfill her mother's dreams and to redeem their honor. Joining cooking contests to no end. Ysabella finally hits a jackpot- a cooking show with her long time crush, Chef Mito (Derek Ramsay). Another boy within her periphery is a charming rascal named Andrew (Ryan Agoncillo) whose background remains a mystery.

Love pushes Albert to confess everything to Ysabella, but the chance is thwarted by fate and Ysabella ends up in an accident. Mito seizes this opportunity to nurse both her health and heart, well away from Albert whom Ysabella now despise after learning of his deception from Mito- rekindling their old flame and building a restaurant empire out of Rosario's Cusina, which easily becomes the biggest competitor of Victoria's Chicken.

This, along with the pressing problem of her corporation going bankrupt, enrages Victoria into plotting several attempts to bring Ysabella down, and after years of being at each other's throats, time has come for Ysabella and Victoria to settle their dispute in a grand cooking showdown and prove once and for all who owns the recipe that started the feud. And as truth has a way of being revealed, Ysay emerges victorious over her enemies- finally achieving her dream of giving her mother's death justice. However, the calm after the storm is just temporary for Victoria is staging the ultimate revenge: Ysabella's death. All is set until Victoria realizes her mistake, and she enlists Albert's help to put a stop to it- which he does at the expense of his own life, testament to a love that is true and willing to sacrifice. It is the kind of love that Ysabella would eventually find in the end with Mito as well, long after time has healed all the wounds from their past.

--NOTE: Comes With Subtitle Features---

Ysabella Discs 1 - 5 ( US$ 24.99 DVD )
Ysabella Discs 6 - 10 ( US$ 24.99 DVD )

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