We are the pioneer of Filipino E-commerce! KabayanCentral.com went online on December 1998

KabayanCentral.com brings secure online shopping to the homes of millions of Filipinos around the world.

We have taken every opportunity to give you the safest means to do your online shopping, so that wherever you are, you can still buy goods that are Proudly Made-in-the-Philippines!

KabayanCentral.com is where you find the finest selection of Philippine-related books from the most respected names in the Philippine print industry.

KabayanCentral.com is where you find Original Pinoy Music CDs, from the sweet and serene to the wacky and tacky.

KabayanCentral.com is where you find the best Filipino movie VCDs and DVDs available on the Internet.

KabayanCentral.com is the one-stop website where you can find products that we call Proudly Made in the Philippines.

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