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       Cherifer Syrup with Zinc
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Cherifer Syrup with Zinc


Looking for the ideal vitamin that will build up your child’s resistance to disease and at the same time provide height-boosting Chlorella Growth Factor?


CHERIFER SYRUP with ZINC is the answer! A lemon-flavored vitamin preparation with Chlorella Growth Factor formulated with 100% RDA of elemental Zinc maintains the integrity of the human immune system.

Clinical studies have proven that the consumption of Zinc supplements reduce the incidence of lower respiratory tract infections such as pneumonia in children while Chlorella Growth Factor is also an excellent and effective immunity booster that stimulates the activity of T-cells and macrophages to enhance the body’s ability to combat infections from bacteria, viruses, chemicals or foreign particles.

CHERIFER SYRUP with ZINC also contains Taurine – important for the development of better visual and motor skills in a growing child. It is also fortified with sufficient amounts of B-complex vitamins for maximized aid in the absorption and utilization of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in a child’s diet. 

Taurine, along with Vitamin A, helps make CHERIFER SYRUP with ZINC ideal for the improvement and proper development of vision in a child. For your active and growing child, give him the vitamin preparation that helps him grow healthy and strong. The vitamin preparation that will build up his height as well as his resistance - CHERIFER SYRUP with ZINC


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