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Cherifer Forte Syrup


CHERIFER FORTE is the same widely-known and trusted CHERIFER but with double strength Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF) for even greater potency in helping your children reach their fullest growth potential.


Best to be taken during the growth gap years, CHERIFER FORTE is an orange-flavored vitamin preparation that's also fortified with Amino Acids, Lysine and Taurine.

Lysine enhances children’s appetite while at the same time helps in the more efficient utilization of food when consuming low-quality protein. Your child will not only eat more, but his body will be able to convert the nutrients contained in the food that he eats more efficiently. 

CHERIFER FORTE is also calculated with your child’s vision in mind. Even higher amounts of Taurine have been added to the formulation to spur the enhanced brain and retinal development of active, growing children.


Likewise, the inclusion of Vitamin A for ideal retinal health and good vision along with Vitamin B complex to promote a more efficient metabolism in active, growing bodies.


So for your growing child, give only the one with double the dosage of Chlorella Growth Factor (CGF). The proven vitamin for enhanced growth – CHERIFER FORTE, TANGKAD SAGAD!


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