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LIVERAIDE Silymarin Capsule

Apart from the heart, a healthy liver that has the largest influence on our general health.

The Liver's primary function are to refine and detoxify everything a person eats, breathes and absorbs through the skin. It is the body's chemical power plant converting nutrient in the food we eat into muscles, energy, hormones and clotting factors. The Liver also stores certain vitamins, minerals, sugars and regulates fat stores and controls the production and excretion of cholesterol.

The Liver is a durable organ. It is the only one in the human body that is capable of regenerating itself and can continue to function after three fourths (3/4's) of it has been destroyed. Certain diseases and medical conditions can severely compromise the liver's ability to perform it's essential duties.

Damage to the liver cells caused by poor eating habits, abusive intake of alcohol, prescribed and over-the-counter drugs can cause the liver cells to be permanently damaged or scarred. Hepatitis, cirrhosis or cancer for example, can also lead to life threatening conditions. New reports have highlighted rising incidents of Hepatitis B today which are probably due to poor health habits or complications.

The body needs LIVERAIDE to achieve and maintain good health.

      LIVERAIDE contains Silymarin, an active natural extract from Milk Thistle plant, it is a powerful substance composed of three flavanoid molecules (silybin, silydianin and silycristin) which have been shown to have positive effects in treating different kinds of liver diseases including Hepatitis, Psiorasis and Cirrhosis (chronic scarring of the liver, often caused by alcoholism). It's medical use can be traced back more than 2,000 years ago in some parts of Europe and Mediterrenean. Silymarin is also a strong anti-oxidant more powerful than vitamin E that may help abet the ageing process.

How does LIVERAIDE actually help the liver? 
     LIVERAIDE protects the liver by strengthening the outer membranes of the liver cells, thereby preventing the toxins from entering the cells. It also stimulates protein synthesis in the liver cells, which helps regenerate and repair the liver. It is also known to protect the liver from cirrhosis, hepatitis, psoriasis and pollutants.

How does LIVERAIDE actually help the body maintain good health? 
      LIVERAIDE can be beneficially in: 
   •   cleansing the liver of dangerous toxins scavenging for substance called free radicals that can damage the organ. 
  •   reversing damage and may help the liver by encouraging the regeneration of liver cell. 
   •   detoxifying the body by helping the liver break down and flush out alcohol. 
  •   preventing other impurities from accumulating in the liver. 
  •   acting as an adjunct to the treatment of patients suffering from chronic hepatitis. 
  •   protecting the liver from further damage caused by abusive intake of alcohol, prescribed and over-the-counter drug. 
   •   preventing the liver damage due to pollutants, pesticide contamination and food poisoning caused by eating toxic mushrooms. 
  •   known to help digest fats resulting to a lower cholesterol level.

INGREDIENTS: Each capsule contains 125mg of pure Milk Thistle extract, Lecithin, Bees wax, Capsule-Gelatin.

DOSAGE: Recommended use for adults: 1 capsule, 3 times a day. NOT a substitute to any medical treatment.

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