Always & Forever/Si Mister at Si Misis 2-in-1 DVD

Always & Forever/Si Mister at Si Misis 2-in-1 DVD


Artists: Pops Fernandez, Martin Nievera

Directed by Danny Zialcita


Movie 1: Always & Forever

It all started when 2 strangers met in the beach, found company with each other and fell in love instantly. Everything was going smoothly till they met a car accident on their way back to Manila. Dave, trying to save a kid from and exploding car, got himself badly injured which almost caused him his leg. Billy did everything to be with him till he recovers but Dave doesn't want her to pity him so he decided not to let her know about his real condition and pretends to be in love with his nurse in order to send her away. Dave went to the US to undergo an operation that might end his life. But he miraculously recovered and went back to Manila to see Billy only to find out that she's about to get married. He's eager to get her back but the decision is up to her.


Movie 2: Si Mister at Si Misis

Pipay lost her father at an early age. When her mother decides to get married again, she threatens to move out and marry her boyfriend Marvin. Pipay's mother pushed through with the wedding without her consent that's why Pipay also decided to marry her boyfriend and live with him. Since they're both underage and their marriage is not legal, Pipay's mother decided to take her back and had Marvin charged with kidnapping and he went to jail for that. Pipay's stepfather bailed Marvin out of jail while both mothers are fighting about the situation. Pipay and Marvin were very persistent with their relationship and finally convinced their parents and ended up in a church wedding. During their honeymoon, Marvin met an accident which had an impact on his memory. How will this affect their relationship?

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