Anak Ng Supremo VCD

Anak Ng Supremo VCD


Starring Bong Revilla Jr, Mario Montenegro, Liz Alindogan, Perla Bautista, Conrad Poe, Rez Cortez

Ramon Bong Revilla was torn between his duty and family.

He is about to make the biggest decision in his life, to serve his country or save his family.

Bong lost his focus when he learned that his next assignment was to seize the leader of the terrorist.... who happens to be his father.

How will Bong carry on his mission when his family life is at stake?

How far is he willing to sacrifice for his country and his family?

Where will the rage between two opposing ideologies lead this father and son rivalry?

Will this be a manifestation that blood is thicker than water?

Directed by Pepe Marcos.

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