Ang Alamat Ni Julian Makabayan VCD


Artists: Christopher de Leon, Eddie Garcia, Charo Santos, Perla Bautista, Johnny Delgado, Celso Ad Castillo, Tony Santos Sr


Set when the Philippines is still under the Spanish rule and Filipinos are considered slaves in their own country. Alamat ni Julian Makabayan embarks upon the historical reign of the oppressive landowners and peasantry and tackles agrarian strife.


As long as the conditions remain there can't be real justice and freedom in our land. We will remain in bondage while our children wallow in the mire of poverty and ignorance.


Julian lived during this time. His family's involvement with one of the organizations put their lives in jeopardy. This is the story of Julian Makabayan, a peasant who dared to stand up against the authority and for his rights. The fight of Julian Makabayan after all is not lost in vain.


Directed by Celso Ad. Castillo



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