Anghel sa Lupa VCD

Anghel sa Lupa VCD


Artists: Dina Bonnevie, Cogie Domingo, Ricky Davao, Maxene Magalona, Jiro Manio, Paolo Ballesteros,Tiya Pusit


Screen heartthrob Cogie Domingo plays a young man coming to grips with his own mortality. This he gleans from the point of view of a soul in transit struggling with the task of giving closure to unfinished business in the mortal world from where he has just passed on, although in a manner so untimely. In the process, getting down to the very core of love, life and the meaning of existence as he hovers angel-like over those he has left behind, his angst-ridden mom, played by Dina Bonnevie; a belligerent younger brother, essayed powerfully by newcomer Alwyn Uytingco; and his teenage girlfriend, Maxene Magalona.


When Cogie meets up with another wandering soul, played by Jiro Manio, who reveals to him the redemptive power of acceptance; helped along by a spirit guide, fleshed out in the movie by Paolo Ballesteros, a new dimension to humanity becomes clear to Cogie and the loved ones he has left behind, especially his family.


Directed by Jose Javier Reyes



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