Apples and Ampalaya Book

Apples and Ampalaya Book


Apples and Ampalaya: Bittersweet Glimpses of the American Period in the Philippines (1898-1946)

Author: Augusto V. de Viana

Lasting only less than fifty years with a brief interruption by the Japanese, the American period left a strong imprint in Philippine history and society. Old time Filipinos remember it with endearing terms such as the "good old days" and "peacetime." Behind the romantic nostalgia, the American period started with a broken promise to recognize Philippine independence and a savage war with cruelty unparalleled until that time. It saw the slow and laborious struggle for self-government and eventual independence often accompanied by conflicts and political intrigues, not to mention a world war. The American period was one of rapid changes and preparation for modern statehood amidst growing social and economic challenges. How the Philippines managed during those years from 1898 to 1946 under American rule was a bittersweet experience thus the title of the book 'Apples & Ampalaya'. Though bitter as the ampalaya can be, it is the bitter experience which provides the most valuable lessons of history as long as they are heeded. The apple, which was an American import, represents American rule, its influence and memories. It could be sweet or sour only after having tasted it. With the help of pictures and illustrations, the book attempts to bring a narrative of how the Filipinos fared during American rule. It tells of the recurring challenges of history and its consequences. It tells of lost opportunities and opportunities that could be gained only by listening to history's lessons.

c2001, 164p, 8.4 x 5.8 x 0.7 inches, 

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