Awareness of Light: Handbook and Archives of Technical Theater in the Philippine


Author: Matsumoto, Naomi "Shoko"

aomi “Shoko” Matsumoto’s book, Awareness of Light: Handbook and Archives of Technical Theater in the Philippines, is an important addition to the documented genre of lighting design. It brings a uniquely Asian, specifically Japanese, viewpoint and attitude to the discipline of lighting design, including a section on Ikebana and how it relates to lighting design. The book’s approach is international, as are the author and her work, which is clearly presented and illustrated in the book. The information is cleverly organized into Acts and Cues, rather than chapters and sections, and covers the technique and process of lighting design in a clear and practical manner. In addition to lighting, the book presents information about the full craft of theater-making and how each job in theater relates to the lighting designer. I happened to observe one of Shoko’s workshops at Sinag Arts—her workshop and the mode of organizing and presentation are an excellent introduction to the art of lighting design. In addition to the sections on how to do lighting, the book celebrates the life and career of Shoko and the enjoyment of the Philippine culture. The work and collection of Shoko Matsumoto are housed in the Technical Theater Library and Archives of the University of the Philippines Center for International Studies. A list of the holdings is included at the end of the book

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