Bagong Buwan / Eskapo 2-in-1 DVD

Bagong Buwan / Eskapo 2-in-1 DVD


Artists: Cesar Montano, Amy Austria, Caridad Sanchez, Christopher de Leon, Richard Gomez, Dina Bonnevie

BAGONG BUWAN Ahmad (Cesar Montano) is a Muslim who lives in Manila as a doctor. His wife Fatima (Amy Austria) and only son Ibrahim (Brian Homecillo) live in Mindanao with Ihmad's mother, Farida (Caridad Sanchez).

Ahmad is devastated when he is told that Ibrahim has been killed by a stray bullet fired by vigilantes.

Returning to Mindanao, Ahmad finds himself opposing his family to stay in their war-torn homeland.

In spite of his son's death, Ahmad still wants to live a peaceful life and insists that the best solution for his family is to move to Manila with him.

Musa (Noni Buencamino), Ahmad's brother, disagrees. Musa believes that a war against " the unbelievers" is the only solution and even trains his young son Rashid (Carlo Aquino) for a Muslim warriors' life.

An explosion near a public market place thrusts Ahmad and his loved ones into the center of a blood conflict between Christians and Muslims, the government and the Moros.

Prepared to make the ultimate sacrifice, Ahmad, in his new role as a leader, discovers that nobody ever wins a war, and that a culture of peace is better than a culture of war.

ESKAPO A true to life story about the Lopez-Osmeña great escape from the Marcos Martial Law prison.

Serge Osmeña (Richard Gomez) and Geny Lopez (Christopher de Leon) are among the political prisoners of the Marcos Regime. They are wrongly accused of plotting to assassinate Marcos.

The Osmeña and Lopez clans virtually surrenders their economic empires to the Marcos Regime in exchange for their son's freedom but to no avail.

Thus, Osmeña and Lopez were left with no choice but plan for their great escape.

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