Bahay Ni Lola VCD

Bahay Ni Lola VCD


Artists: Gloria Romero, Aiza Seguerra, Manilyn Reynes,Gina Alajar,Keempee de Leon,Allan K,Maxene Magalona


A charming ancestral home in a far-off provincial town becomes the vacation spot of a family who've set out to escape the big city's mad Christmas rush to spend the holidays together. Little do they know that the charming old house is haunted by the ghost of the family's long dead matriarch, who stands in otherwordly guard over the house at all times.


Fleeting by here and there in moments when no one seems to notice. Staging subtle apparitions in spots around the house where one least expects. In various instances, making her presence felt in many ways as mysterious as the air about the house.


When the grandmother's ghost grows fond of the youngest vacationer, a little girl, she even goes at lengths to strike a conversation with the unsuspecting youngster. A secret friendship begins between the ghost and the grandchild who had never met her until now.


The vacation, however, is marred by misunderstanding and squabbles among the family of cousins, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles. Conflicts that escalates as Christmas Day draws near. Bad vibes that seem to attract strange and unexplainable occurences within the household. So when a malevolent spirit, in the form of a mysterious shape-shifting mist intrudes into the house with a sinister desire to possess everyone of the living in the ancestral home, the friendly grandma host is left without a choice but to conspire with her living descendants in a horrific battle.


They must come together and stay together as a family or the house and everyone in it, gets sucked into the dark, netherworld lair of the evil ones!


Directed by Uro Q. dela Cruz




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