Bandit Zone: A History of the Free Areas of Negros Island Book


Bandit Zone: A History of the Free Areas of Negros Island During the Japanese Occupation (1942 - 1945

Author: Earl Jude Paul L. Cleope

Excerpt from the Introduction: Dr. Cleope's book is one of the still few current studies on the non-heroes, the Filipinos who suddenly found themselves int he midst of a war they did not want, nor had any real will to engage in. The war was something they encountered in the midst of their lives, the kind that won't go away, but that did leave spaces -- zones -- in which to harass the unwanted intruders by deceit, betrayal, robbery, or murder in the name of some cause when opportunity came along. The "Bandit Zone" was, in a way of speaking, a no an's land inhabited for a time by men, women and children, old and young, people of war and peace who -- interestingly -- left memorials of their passing in poetry and music. Bringing to light the songs of the "bandits" is not usual in traditional textbook history in the Philippines, but here they are. One can sing them again, and the power of music and lyrics has the virtue of canceling time has has come between today's reader and the now silenced brave hearts who became "bandits" for the love of liberty and national honor... Read this history and hear some voices long silences come to life again. - F.H. Hornedo, 5 November 2002


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