Be Careful with My Heart Vol.5 DVD

Be Careful with My Heart Vol.5 DVD


Artists: Jodi Sta Maria, Richard Yap, Aiza Seguerra, Gloria Sevilla, Mutya Orquia, Janella Salvador

Richard's sudden display of concern for Maya exhilarates her, but her happiness is cut short by the arrival of her gorgeous longtime friend, Rafi.

As Rafi and Richard rekindle their bond, Maya cannot help but feel a tinge of jealousy, for Rafi also shares a strong connection with Richard's children, including the middle child Nikki, who inexplicably loathes Maya.

To make matters worse, Maya's persistent suitor, Simon, finds her in Manila and learns that she is lying about working overseas.

Hoping to keep Simon from revealing his discovery to her family, Maya decides to accommodate him.

Though a reunion with Simon is an unpleasant feat for Maya, she soon realizes that it is a blessing in disguise, for the presence of this man in Maya's life catches the attention of Richard.

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