Be Careful with My Heart Vol.6 DVD

Be Careful with My Heart Vol.6 DVD


Artists: Jodi Sta Maria, Richard Yap, Aiza Seguerra, Gloria Sevilla, Mutya Orquia, Janella Salvador

Maya and Rafi strike up a friendship while the latter is temporarily staying with the Lims.

In spite of the fact that Richard is Rafi's best friend, she finds a more suitable confidant in Maya.

And while Rafi deals with her fear of commitment, Maya realizes she is in some ways like her new friend--- reluctant to come face to face with love.

With Maya's help, Rafi soon finds the courage to return to the arms of her boyfriend, but not before leaving Richard with a piece of advice: it is not enough for him to entertain the idea of loving again... he must go out of his way to seek the one who can make him fall in love the second time.

But as Richard ponders on Rafi's words, he notices that Simon is becoming more present in Maya's life--- a development that may either challenge Richard to spend more time with Maya or compel him to shun any idea of a romance with her before it even begins.

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