Biktima/Lilian Velez Story DVD

Biktima/Lilian Velez Story DVD


2-in-1 DVD

Artists: Sharon Cuneta, Christopher de Leon, Gina Alajar, Carmi Martin, Cesar Montano, Joel Torre



The first time their paths crossed, they are virtual enemies. Becca (Sharon) is the relentless prosecutor while Jing (Christopher) is the jittery accused. But the most important witness backs out before anything can happen to the case. Though disappointed, Becca convinced herself to forget the case and move on. But for Jing its a different story. His heart is screaming for revenge and it is Becca he is going after.

Directed by Lino Brocka



A wife, a mother and the singing sweetheart of the 50's . Sharon Cuneta plays Lilian Velez, a famous movie actress of the 50's. She was the darling of the press and the Filipino's favorite actress of that time. But her almost perfect life was abruptly ended when she was brutally murded by her obsessive leading man, Narding Arzures who was at the rage upon learning that she had chosen Joe Climaco, a renowned director, to be her husband.

Directed by Carlo J. Caparas

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