Bosom Bodies Twin Peaks Exposed VCD

Bosom Bodies Twin Peaks Exposed VCD


Artists: Jennifer Lee, Sheree


Scream. Wail. Screech. These vixens will rock your world.  Steamy rock and roll. Burning guitars. Hot and heavy striptease. Rousing erotic performances.


Get ready as the top two fantasy Hot Babes Sheree and Jennifer Lee set the stage ablaze in Bosom Bodies. Provocative, gothic rock vignettes you won't get these to see anywhere else are featured as these sizzling babes exploit their forbidden sensuality and play erotic rock goddesses. Clad in nasty boots and leather knickers, they are all set to shoot up your carnal desires while gyrating, licking and executing wicked body pumps that will surely rock your senses!


Also featured in this hard rockin' video are Hotbabes Katrina, Sachie, Vanessa, Scarlet and Carla in a soapy, lusty video that will leave you soaking wet with desire.


So switch on the amp, crank up the volume, and scream your lungs out in Bosom Bodies.




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