Boylets DVD

Boylets DVD


Artists: Charles DelgadoJoef JavierFrancis SienesRusty Adonis Siegfrid


Krys is a middle class high school student and his bestfriend Joef who has been abandoned by his only living parent is turning eighteen and plans to leave the next day to trace his father's roots.


As Krys attempts to make Joef change his mind, we get a glimpse of the lives of his friends, some out of school youth in the nearby slums who pass the day stealing copper wires, scavenging for iron scraps and servicing gays for sex.


As Krys attempts to control his friends, life's peripheral characters, we see a middle class person trying to be the poor people's hero.


But our young protagonist finds out that life, at least, for people living in poverty, is not all that bad.


Will Krys be able to stop Joef from leaving?


Directed by Crisaldo Pablo.

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