Buhay Man Ang Kapalit VCD

Buhay Man Ang Kapalit VCD


Starring Rey PJ Abellana, January Isaac, Ronald Gan, Maricel Morales

This is a story of a young man who is the sole heir of a business empire.

He could have spent his life lying in a bed of gold with all the luxuries that money can buy instead he preferred sleeping in cot beds inside canvas tents in the battlefield.

Yes the billionaire became a true soldier who fought the enemies of the citizenry with violence and crimes.

But there are instances when this soldier who seem to be made of steel can't help but feel being human with flesh that suffers pain and with heart that drains blood.

He even felt pity and love for some enemies.

The life of this soldier was colored with red, white and blue, just like the colors of our flag.

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