Carta Alas (Huwag Ka Nang Humirit) VCD

Carta Alas (Huwag Ka Nang Humirit) VCD


Artists: Ace Vergel, Piel Morena, Antoinette Taus, Wowie De Guzman, Jean Saburit, Efren Reyes Jr, Dick Israel


A straight cop, invites an influencial syndicate's fury when he apprehends them in the process of buying luxury cars from a group of carnappers. Because of this, life was never the same again especially since unknown to him, the leader of the syndicate happens to be the lawyer of a suburban mayor.


Although he suspects that the lawyer is the group's leader, he cannot pin him down because he does not have any evidence. But the turn of events suddenly puts him in the limelight--a terrible light since he is suspected of orchestrating a murder!


Now he has to find the link between the lawyer and the syndicate and more importantly, he has to prove that he has nothing to do with the crime that he is suspected for.


Directed by Jose Carreon





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