Company Of Women VCD

Company Of Women VCD


Artists: Mark Gil, Irma Alegre, Liz Alindogan, Zelda Soler, Dexter Doria, Becky Misa

Lives intertwined inside a world of earthly pleasures and deceitful love.

The story of a man, Al (Mark Gil) and a woman, Isabel (Irma Alegre) shaken by the struggle of defining the roles they play in each others lives.

Tumbling through time, both characters were driven by their secrets and the hope of lost redemption.

At the end, Al faced the consequences of unrequieted love while Isable continued to live her nightmares.

Director Mel Chonglo proves yet again that life is but unfair yet still worth living.

A brilliant deception on unmovable passion real cruel and crimes of desire.

Directed by Mel Chionglo.

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