Concerto VCD

Concerto VCD


Artists: Meryll Soriano, Jay Aquitania, Sharmaine Buencamino, Alyssa Lescano, Elijah Castillo, Nonoy Froilan


Concerto is about how, in the last part of World War II, a special piano concert is held in the forest outside Davao City, in Mindanao, Southern Philippines.


In these boondocks, a displaced Filipino family led by former military officer Ricardo and his wife Julia, become acquainted with a group of Japanese officers similarly camped neighbor.


Their son Joselito, a Japanese speaker, becomes the conduit with neighboring Japanese. Their daughters Nina, an aspiring concert pianist and the musically gifted, Maria, who is able to play by ear, are alternately repulsed and intrigued by the officers.


Values are questioned as the family treads the thin line between enmity and friendship with the occupying Japanese. Inspired by a true story.


Directed by Paul Alexander Morales.



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