O.C.W: A Young Boy’s Search for his Mother (Fil.Ed.)

O.C.W: A Young Boy’s Search for his Mother (Fil.Ed.)


Author: Carla M. Pacis
A story about a mother who leaves her loved ones to work in Hong Kong, hoping to make a better life for her husband and children. Her departure, however, threatens to tear apart the very family she leaves for love. Out of sense of desperation and responsibility as the eldest son, Tonio embarks on an almost foolhardy quest to leave the island where he was born and bring his mother back home. The adventures he meets and the characters he encounters, from the dark ports of Manila to the glittering street of Hong Kong, gives uncanny life to the issues of familial sacrifice and overseas labor which have now marked the lives of numerous Filipinos.    
C.2016 / Anvil

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