Dalawang Pisngi ng Langit VCD

Dalawang Pisngi ng Langit VCD


Artists: Nini Jacinto, Alma Soriano, Mike Magat, Francis Enriquez, Shanghai, Marinella Moran

Ellen and Roel are schoolmates in an expensive university owned by a rich live-in lovers, Laura, a business entrepreneur and Meliton, a lawyer.

Ellen and Roel become lovers but their relationship were discovered by Laura and Meliton.

They were stripped off all the luxuries afforded them.

Laura used all her influence to block Roel's employment.

To complete her vengeful resolve she sent word that she will no longer interfere if he will personally ask for forgiveness.

It turned out to be an evil design. She drugged him to sleep.

Expectedly, Ellen followed but Laura tried to kill her but instead killed Laura.

Roel stood as sole responsible of the crime.

Meliton voluntered to defend Roel because of his unconditional love for Ellen.

His love shone even more when he paved the way for them and Roel to live happily together.

Directed by Cesar S.B. Abella

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